My exploratory artworks reveal conscious and unconscious elements at play in the process of responding to the natural world...environment and sense of place. The process of making ideas visible, through mixed media application, becomes one way of revealing individual identity. 

The process of creating images reveals inner elements of past and present merging into expressive poetry through colour and found means. There is no such thing as the finished image...working over, concealing and revealing new meanings, fragmenting and assembling out of the existing images...some becoming the source of other work, vibrating through conscious and unconscious elements.

I have extensive experience as an art education consultant, working with early years teams, to explore the nature of young children’s play and their creative development. My first hand experience of the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia [Northern Italy] continues to have an impact on my creative practices as an artist and educationalist. I am primarily concerned with understanding the imaginative and creative growth of young children and their sense of self.

Alan W B Paterson

The artworks have been developed through sustained short walks in my local environment. The walks make visible the meaning of having again awakened to the significance of the fragility of nature in my creative experience and relationships... read more >

Current Project - Walking with Trees

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