Numerous works are preoccupations with deep concerns of human experience...fear and hope; arrival and departure.  The pursuit of these concerns has appeared across time, and reappears in the course of creating and recreating within visual media processes. 

I actively seek opportunities to develop as a human being through experiences which evoke deep emotional and aesthetic responses.  The works are immediate sojourns around and into the immediacy of psychological preoccupations.  There are searching aspects to the images... spontaneous, animated and expressive; figurative giving way to abstract inventions; symbolic signs are part of the course of the work being forcefully exposed.

The following words emanate from the sequence of images...words to encourage the audience to search for relationships / to be hesitant / to be spontaneous in constructing meanings / to be free and mobile / to explore various possibilities and reflect upon inner vibrations...

Keeping watch


Sound of morning

Stand sentinel

Depart from the place

Watchful bird

Giants standing

Great silence within

Falling light

Where dwells the soul


Wars of life

Pass freely in

Forms terrible

Severed friend

Standing alone


Who suffers

The mind creates

Cutting heads



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